Unfortunately, whether you know someone who’s going through a hard time trying to beat it or whether the disease that has so far left your relatives untouched, there’s no denying that you can’t ignore cancer any longer. Risks are everywhere, from the air you inhale to the food you consume, and it’s why it’s so important to spread awareness. As February is the national cancer prevention month, there is no better time to discuss the risks and the get informed about this deadly disease. Indeed, thanks to science and constant medical progress, nowadays a cancer diagnostic is not synonymous with a tragic end. In fact, early detection can save many lives, which is why it’s so important to listen to your body and react fast. The most feared element, when it comes to the fight against cancer, is the chemotherapy treatment, which can be straining for the mind and the body. More importantly, it’s not the only thing you can do to help your body to heal.

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Yes it’s great, but it’s not a miracle cure

While it is a conventional treatment for cancer, it doesn’t mean the chemotherapy is safe and easy for the body. In fact, most patients face serious side effects, from hair loss to fertility issues. However, there’s an important fact about a chemo cure, and it’s that it’s not perfect. Indeed, while it destroys cancer cells, its effects are more often than not only temporary. Stem cells that survived chemotherapy can create a new tumor growth later down the line. That’s precisely why it’s important to adjust your health routine to ensure lasting results. Eating carrots can help to reduce the risks of pancreatic cancers, and it can lower the risks of gastric cancer too. Tomatoes can protect men from prostate cancer, but they can lower the risk of any cancer altogether. Finally, broccoli is one of the most powerful cancer-fighting foods as it can stop the formation of blood vessels in tumors.

There’s one major side effect: nausea

There is currently no other treatment that offers the same level of success across the board than chemotherapy. While radiations are effective, their use is limited to certain types of cancer. Consequently, most patients have to deal with unpleasant side effects, especially nausea and vomiting. That’s precisely why more and more oncologists prescribe medical marijuana strains to help reduce the negative impacts of chemotherapy. Marijuana provides indeed one of the most powerful relief cures against nausea, which can significantly improve the everyday life of countless of patients.

It’s difficult to relax

Finally, mood swings and irritability are expected consequences of the chemotherapy treatment. More patients record high levels of stress and frustration for the entire duration of the treatment, even with the support of additional medication to limit side effects. It’s essential to help your mind relax with soothing activities, such as yoga which can influence your mood positively. Breathing techniques and restful postures are crucial to help regain control of your mind and let go of your worries.

Fighting the big C is not an easy fight. But it’s important to know that cancer doesn’t define you. You are still in control, and there are plenty of things you can do to beat it.


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