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As archaic, illegitimate and unfair as exams may seem, they are the most universal means of testing someone’s abilities right now (don’t worry, we think they’re in desperate need of an overhaul too). Still, no matter what path you are taking in life, whether you want to become an ice road trucker, a medical professional of some sort or just financially okay no matter what journey that may take you on, you’re going to find yourself getting tested by the unpredictable beast that is an exam.

But even though this time in your life is going to be just as stressful as that morning you woke up and saw Trump had won the election, you are going to get through it and that’s because it is totally possible to shake off those nerves and totally kill it, and we’ve come up with some tips to help you:

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  1. Positive Affirmations, Please

It may feel cheesy to have a posters in your study space that read, “Beyonce Is My Spirit Animal” and “Nothing can stop this light from shining”, but you’ll be shocked at how motivated a few motivational bits of art can make you feel (and they’ll stop you from procrastinating too).

  1. All-Nighters Don’t Work

Everyone that is staring down the barrel of an exam has a) pulled an all-nighter or b) thought about pulling an all-nighter. It’s one of those things we do – how else are you meant to cram all the revision you have into the time you have left? However, losing just one night’s sleep can jeopardise your performance and abilities and sanity for the four days that follow. Don’t risk it.

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  1. Preparation Is Everything

How you translate that doesn’t matter because it is a universal fact. Let’s say you want to go down the medical profession route and you have your Step 2 CS Exam, then it is worth getting Step 2 CS preparation assistance. If you have a bunch of college midterms coming up with back to back exams, then simply figuring out what it is you need ahead of time will be a massive help when it comes to not stressing out that you don’t have a pen. Like the age-old-adage says: fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

  1. Block ‘Em Out

How many times have you found yourself sat at your computer, working away, only to catch yourself opening a new tab and automatically typing in Twitter or Facebook? It’s annoyingly automatic and subconscious. To stop this from happening, it could be high-time you got yourself a website-extension-blocker-thingy like ColdTurkey. When exams are nearing, you haven’t got thirty minutes to waste on other people’s highlights, so don’t offer yourself that kind of distraction.

  1. Leave The Hardest Until Last

The best time to try and crack those really challenging bits of material is right before you go to sleep. We know this may make no sense to you, but according to some pretty solid studies, leaving the hard stuff until bedtime makes it far easier to remember the next morning.


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