It’s not a secret to anyone that being disabled means that you are going to have a more difficult time than most people in your daily life. However even so, there are a number of ways in which having a disability can really negatively affect things, often in ways which people are not aware of. Many of these are impossible to know about unless you are disabled, but to those who do suffer this fate, they can be blisteringly obvious. It is helpful to know this however, because if you have anyone in your life suffering with a disability, you will want to be able to understand as best as you can. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the unexpected difficulties of being disabled in today’s world.

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You might not think that even today you have to receive a lot of stigma for suffering from a disability, but you would be surprised. As it happens, there is still a great deal of social unease when it comes to disability, and it has a way of making life for those people very difficult indeed. If you are wondering just how difficult, then it might be worth looking into it with someone you know. Ask someone who suffers with a disability if they suffer any social stigma, and you will be amazed at some of the experiences they can retort. The key here is to ty and reduce this stigma by talking about it, encouraging disabled people into social situations, and so on. The more we do this as a culture, the better it gets, so start today.


There are many ways in which it is harder to be strongly financially independent as a disabled person. For instance, you have fewer jobs you can go for, and many of the best paid ones are active, on-your-feet jobs which you can’t do at all. Of course, there are benefits to be had for most disabilities, but even those can be hard to come by, believe it or not. Many times there will be a great difficulty in trying to get hold of your social security or benefits, and you will need to turn to the likes of Scott Davis for help (Scott Davis is an experienced ERISA lawyer). When you have a disability, your finances can be tough indeed to look after, and it is something which you will have to try and deal with in life.

Poor Social Life

With one thing and another, it can be increasingly and surprisingly hard for those with disabilities to make and keep friends, and this might be one of the saddest parts of all. The poor social life makes for a much worse quality of life in general, and it is the kind of thing which most people need in order to be truly happy. If you know someone with a disability, you can help to improve their life greatly by treating them in the same way you would anyone else socially. This alone will make a huge difference.


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