As I’m sure you’re well aware, branding is very important when starting a business. Especially when you’re starting a service-based business built around yourself and your image. For people to pay you for your services, they have to trust you and your brand. Otherwise, it’s seen as too much of a risk, and they’ll find another service-based business to use instead.

Now, there are many ways you can start building your brand, and it starts with a professional website. A website acts as a portal for consumers to come to and learn more about you, your services, and so on. But, if you truly want to build your brand up as much as possible, then you need to start a blog. This blog can sit nicely on your business website, and be there for all to see.

Why is a blog great at building your brand? Well, here are a few reasons explaining this. Oh, and as a bonus, the second half of this post will show you how to set your blog up, enjoy!

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How Does A Blog Help Build Your Brand?

Builds Trust With Consumers

A big part of branding is about bringing the consumer closer to you. You must develop this bond with them, and gain their trust. A blog does just this; it’s a place for you to create content and make people trust you. You become something of an authority source online because your content always informs people of certain topics and issues relating to your business and industry. If you keep getting great content from the same site over and over again, then you start to trust them more and more. Your blog is the best way to gain consumer trust via your website.

Establishes Core Values

Your blog is also a fantastic way to establish the core values of your brand and company. The posts you write could be about certain issues you hold close to your heart. More importantly, the way you write your posts helps establish the values of your business too. If you market yourself as a service-based business that’s super professional, then your blog post can show this by being written incredibly professionally. Your values make up your brand, and a blog helps reinforce them.

Increases Awareness

Perhaps the best thing about a blog is that it boosts brand awareness. By publishing blog posts, you provide alternative ways for your business to be found online. Typically, how would most people find your site via search engines? They’d probably be looking for your service, or something similar to it. With a blog, you can target different search queries, bringing more people to your site. As such, more people are aware of your brand, which helps make it more relevant and well-known. The more well-known and established you are, the more trust you gain, and the more customers you are likely to see.

These are pretty much the three main things you’re looking at when building a brand. You need to establish that trust between you and the consumer. You need to increase brand awareness, and you must establish and reinforce the core values of your company.

So, let’s move onto the second part of this little guide, and see how you can start a business blog on your website.

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How To Start Your Blog

Starting a blog is much easier than you initially think. Especially when you follow the right steps and do everything properly. Firstly, some business owners decide to set up their blog on a separate site to their main business website. I don’t think this is very effective, it’s just a lot easier to keep everything in one place and have a page on your site where blog posts are placed. With that being said, here are a few things to consider if you want to start your blog.

Create Original Content

You will ruin all your hard branding work if the content on your blog isn’t original. Let’s say you’ve got loads of duplicate content on there that you’ve pretty much just nabbed from other blogs. What does this say about you and your brand? It says you’re sneaky, lazy, and can’t possibly be trusted. Original content shows you’re creative, knowledgeable, and helps build trust with the consumer.

Post Regularly

It’s no use having a blog if you only post there once a month or less. This should be a regular thing as it constantly updates your site. The content is continuously fresh, and you can actually start to establish a regular audience of people who visit your site to read new articles as often as possible. Daily posts are the best possible idea, but it’s likely you’ll be too busy to do this. Instead, try and stick to a schedule of 2-3 posts per week.

Make Your Posts SEO-Friendly

To truly see the benefits of a blog – particularly from a brand awareness perspective – you need to make your posts SEO-friendly. This makes them rank well in search engines, ensuring your blog posts are always near the top of the results ahead of other similar posts. As well as helping you gain more traffic, this will also cement your place as an authority source, further strengthening your brand. There are almost too many things you can do to make your posts SEO-friendly, far too many to run through in this article alone. All I’ll say is that the titles need to be catchy and include relevant keywords and that you should try and get more keywords into the main content as well.

On that note, you should be able to figure out how to set up a business blog now. It’s a simple case of setting up a page on your site, then following some of the tips laid out above. By doing this, you will end up with a blog that brings all the benefits mentioned earlier in this piece. For me, as someone who runs a service-based business, a blog has helped strengthen my brand considerably. It really doesn’t require a lot of effort to run a blog, and your brand will suffer if you don’t have one.


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