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Why not start a blog? After all, it’s a fantastic way to detail the happenings in your life straightforwardly. Any travellers reading this will understand what that means. Plus, there is the chance of making money in the process. Yes, plenty of at-home-bloggers have created a site and watched it skyrocket as sponsors and advertisers got involved. For the average person, doing something they love while getting paid is the dream. But, blogging isn’t always picnics and rainbows, and there are hurdles which you need to address.

Here are the secret ones which one on will tell you about… apart from this post, of course!

It’s A Full-Time Job

“Oh it’s no problem – I’ll just blog on the side.” That’s what you think, but the reality is that blogging is a full-time job because it requires a whole lot of time and energy. Without the resources to churn out new content and analyze site statistics, the site will steadily do nothing. However, the main reason it’s not a part-time, temporary role is its obsessive nature. As soon as the fingers touch the keyboard, it’s like an addiction takes over and you can’t get enough. Whether you are out with the kids on a Saturday or at work, your first thought will be to check your blog.

And It’s Frustrating

Because it takes over your life, there are times when it feels as if you want to throw the laptop at the wall. Take the comparison trap as an example. In blogging terms, this phrase is used to define bloggers who can’t help but measure up to the competition. If you are in front, it’s great because it makes you feel as if you are a market leader. However, the sites that aren’t on top are the ones which tend to suffer. As soon as you understand there is someone better, you can’t help but get in your own head. The trick is to keep perspective by listing achievements which are essential to the site.

WordPress Is King

Word? Yep, there are plenty of alternatives but none of them holds a candle to WordPress. It would be easy to list the reasons why, yet these cloud hosting trends does it beautifully. For example, did you know that it is the number one CMS thanks to its 58% market share? What about the fact that the closest rival only has 2.8% of active sites compared to 27% for ‘Press? Then there are the themes and plugins to consider, too. Quite simply, WordPress is the best option for bloggers.

The Game Is The Game

Sadly, the game just has very few or no rules whatsoever. Creative bloggers won’t see this as a problem because it gives a person carte blanche to be successful. However, the issue arises when you don’t know where to look for inspiration. Most other businesses would follow the competition, but that’s not possible as what made them successful might not work. All you can do is pick a niche and try and create quality content.

Please don’t let the above put you off blogging. But, do make sure the tips raise awareness of the facts.


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