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Waiting. Something which everyone is used to, while also being something which most people really don’t like. From your morning coffee to an essential meeting, there will always be time between the things you enjoy and want to get done, making it feel as though it’s going to waste. Nowadays, though, things are starting to change. As time moves on, fewer chances to be patient come up, and this will quickly render the emotion obsolete. But, how exactly is the world becoming faster?

Delivery companies are a great example of patience destroying practices. Companies like Amazon are so large that they’re able to cover huge expenses when it comes to shipping goods. This has enabled same-day delivery services to come about, alongside options which let you pick up your package on the go, making it incredibly easy to buy something online. Of course, Amazon aren’t the only company with fast options, though, and there are loads of companies out there offering next day delivery options for almost no fee.

Of course, it’s not fair to blame everything on the availability of online ordering, as lot of the world isn’t in tune with this area. Instead, as time moves on, more and more companies promise fast turnarounds on the high street. This sort of company is a very different game to what you’ll find elsewhere. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to food. Companies like Microsoft have been able to make a killing in this market, even though they’re not in that field. But along with this, companies like McDonald’s are able to provide an entire meal in less than five minutes, even on their busiest days.

Transport is the final element which people will fail to consider when thinking about their patience. This is one area which hasn’t risen with the rest, and most public transport falls very much into the patience-testing category. With cities and towns getting busier, this sort of issue will only get worse, leaving a lot of people simply unable to run a car because they don’t have the space to keep it.

Having your patience stripped away isn’t all bad, especially with the benefits things like fast delivery can bring. Companies like are able to get emergency drugs to almost anywhere on the planet within a couple of days. Having this power is incredible when you’re traveling, as it means that you can talk to the same doctor wherever you are. Of course, though, the true benefits of something like this lie in emergency rooms and small town clinics.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your patience. With everything in life being so easy to get your hands on, it can often feel like life is no work at all, and this takes the fun right out of it. Instead, you should be looking for new ways to test your patience, while having loads of fun in the process.


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