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There is a song that talks about every generation blaming the one before. But, it seems that now the millennials are having the opposite effect, where everybody else is blaming them for the problems we all face now. In fact, millennials and generation Y have never had it so tough, from the financial constraints being placed upon them, to the overcrowded job market, as well as the pressures of starting a family in a world where uncertainty and conflict are rife. So, for those people, what are the biggest anxieties they face?

The Price Of Education

As far as the financial cost is concerned, there are so many factors that don’t just weigh heavy on the prospective student themselves, but also their providers. You can look on and see for yourself how much it could set you back personally, but it seems that now it’s not just about preparing for college, but you need to financially prepare for what happens after college. People bankrupt themselves to make sure their children get the education they deserve, and this could result in debt for years to come. So this pressure that the millennials face in terms of wanting to do their parents proud by going to college is very real. But also that pressure to make something of themselves is nothing new, but because it’s so much harder now to get a place in college, it leaves millennials with a huge pressure on their shoulders before they’ve even set foot through the campus door.

Friendships Being Torn Apart

Whatever your personal opinion, it seems that generation Y and millennials are the most tolerant when it comes to cultural diversity. Children right now are growing up in a wonderfully diverse world, but because of certain political issues, this can cause issues in relation to deportation and immigration tearing friendships apart. This can be a lot of concern for the millennial generation, where people are being deported or turfed out of the country they call home, which is not fair at all. People are fighting this corner, there are law firms like that specialize in asylum and immigration, but the personal aspect is seldom talked of. Not only are families torn apart but do the children today, and the adults of tomorrow, really think about their best friends through school being taken away? It’s got to be a lot of stress on these young minds.

Obesity, Depression, And The Modern Ills

Because of a highly westernized diet, high in sugar and unhealthy fats, the anxiety rates are through the roof, coupled with the excessive use of social media, and these both form to make a very unhealthy world indeed. So, while this isn’t just something for the younger generations, they certainly have a lot more to fight against to keep healthy, because they are being raised in a world where sugar is king, and antidepressants are being dished out like Smarties.

Let’s talk more about dealing with these issues, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, so let’s make these anxieties part of an open forum.


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