Traveling can be fantastic. Whether you are away for a night, or taking on a huge once in a lifetime trip, it’s your chance to take a break from real life, recharge your batteries and see some of the world. If you want to, it’s absolutely fine while you are away to take a break from your fitness regime and diet and let things slide a little. The occasional short break won’t hurt. In fact, it could do you good.

But, that’s not for everyone. Some people find that exercise helps them to relax and unwind and find themselves a little lost without it. If you are traveling for business especially, you might find that some exercise helps you to switch off after a day of heavy meetings, or stops you from feeling homesick. Then of course if you are traveling for an extended period and want the chance to enjoy plenty of local delicacies, exercise and fitness are essential.

No matter how much you want to exercise while you are away, it will be tempting not to. Especially if you’re not sure how. But, it doesn’t need to be difficult. There are plenty of fantastic ways to keep fit while you travel. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Stay in a Good Hotel

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There are plenty of fantastic hotels out there now, like Marriott Executive Apartments. Check the hotel’s facilities before you book, but many are now equipped with brilliant gyms, spas, full-sized pools and even fitness classes. Classes are great, as you’re booked in for a specific time so can’t get out of it. But, if there’s just a gym or pool, try to get some exercise done first thing in the morning so that you start your day feeling alert, confident and energized.


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If you’re on a budget, you may not have the option of staying in a top-class hotel. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise. Walking is the best way to keep fit while you are away and also the best way to see a new city. Book yourself on a walking tour early in your break to help you find your way. Then spend your vacation getting from place to place on foot. Enjoy tourist hotspots, head out into nature and explore the area. All while getting a great workout. Just remember to pack comfortable shoes.


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Another option is going for an early morning run close to the hotel. Just make sure you get some advice and plan a safe route before you leave. If possible, a local park is a brilliant option.


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If you’re not into nature trails or walking tours, and can’t face a tourist attraction every day, go shopping instead. Did you know that a full day of shopping can burn up to 1000 calories? It’s also a great way to take in some culture, find some great foods and meet the locals. Again, you’ll need comfy shoes and a bottle of water if it’s hot.

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