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There are two types of people – those that sit around hoping for good luck to strike, and those that make their own luck. Many of us belong to the first group of people. Waiting around for good luck to strike requires far less effort and might be more tempting, but it’s also less effective. What if luck never goes your way? Those that go out and create their own luck – proactive people – often have to face difficult challenges but are rewarded with much more happiness in the long run.

If more of us were proactive, many more of us would achieve our dream goals, whether it’s landing that dream job or finding that life partner or saving up enough money to travel the world. Everyone has the potential to become a go-getter and achieve their goals. Here are just a few ways that you can become more proactive and start living the life you want to live.

Don’t wait for fate to take it’s course

Many people are big believers in fate. They may believe certain things are going to happen to them in the future that are part of their destiny. Whilst it’s okay to have these beliefs, they shouldn’t take away your sense of choice. Even the most spiritual and religious texts tell us that we still have choice, otherwise we’d all sit around doing nothing. Symbols such as the 555 angel number should be used as warning signs that change is about to happen and should urge us to prepare for change, rather than waiting for that change to happen. This is essential for anyone wanting to be more proactive.

Stop relying on others

Just as you shouldn’t let your idea of fate take away your sense of choice, you shouldn’t let other people take away your sense of choice either. If the people around you are making all the decisions for you, it could be time to start trusting your own beliefs and opinions and taking charge. Non-proactive people often wait for other people to sort out problems, whilst proactive people rise to the challenge. Of course, proactive people still seek out help from others, but it’s help that they want themselves and not help that’s being forced upon them.

Focus on solutions, not problems

Proactive people don’t sit around moaning about the things that aren’t going well in their life. Instead, they come up with ways to make things right again. Next time you’re faced with a problem, start thinking up solutions. This is a key ingredient to not just being proactive, but being positive. Proactive people may also be able to encourage other people to focus on the solution rather than the problem.  

Set goals and micro-goals

Proactive people don’t just focus on the end goal. On top of an end goal, they consider the steps needed in between and treat each step as an individual goal. By thinking this way, each small step completed becomes an accomplishment. Non-proactive people don’t focus on these micro-goals, which puts them off chasing their dreams as the challenge seems to great.

Make plans there and then

Proactive people start planning the moment an idea gets in their head. In a discussion about possibly going on holiday, they might start Googling destinations and deals there and then. This stops things from being put off to a later date.

Don’t mistake being impulsive for being proactive

Being proactive isn’t the same as being impulsive. Proactive people put in planning and then rationally decide the best path to take. Impulsive people go with the first idea that jumps into their head. Both aim to get the task done as soon as possible, but proactive people get better results because they’ve considered all their options first.


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