A new year is a chance for a fresh approach to your lifestyle and wellbeing, and nothing nourishes your body and soul quite like some home cooking. Getting into the habit of cooking and baking your own food is a great way to monitor the ingredients you’re putting into your body, and it will cut the cost of buying expensive ready meals. And, you don’t have to cook from scratch every single night of the week; one-pot dishes and larger quantities of something made over your weekend can often be enjoyed in a variety of ways over your working week. You can also utilize your freezer for more than tubs of ice cream, and have a variety of yummy homemade meals ready to be warmed up when you walk through the door.

Now is the perfect time to start planning out some of the things you’d like to make and bake; you can stock up your pantry and kitchen, and prepare it for a year of culinary discovery ahead. There’ll still be plenty of great deals on kitchen equipment in the sales, and as long as you have some essential ingredients in your cupboards; you’ll always be able to create something tasty to eat and enjoy. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to get their kitchen environment in shape for a healthy, nourishing, and fun year of home cooking and baking ahead.

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Snack Food

If snack times are currently involving a bag of potato chips and a candy bar; they won’t be filling you up for very long, and you’ll be hungry a short time later. Therefore, it’s worth baking some of your own tasty snacks in your free time and filling up a tin or a jar so that you’ll always have something to reach for when you’re peckish or something to serve to visitors and guests. Oat, fruit, and wholemeal cookies are a great alternative to the ones you’ll find in stores that are filled with refined sugar and chemicals. Check out sites like elephantcookiecutter.com so that you can ensure you having everything you need to create your baked treats, and can keep them individual and fun too. Healthy, home-cooked alternatives don’t have to look or taste boring, and you’ll hone your skills throughout the year until they become your speciality (yum).

Hearty Meals

When you’re tired and cold after work; all you’ll want is something warm and filling to eat. That’s why it can be tempting to pop a ready meal in the microwave or call for takeout to be delivered. However, if you’ve cooked a large pot of stew at the weekend, or perhaps a few different soups and other one pot dishes; you can have a large supply of delicious and hearty microwave meals that you’ve made yourself. Check out sites like pinterest.com to discover some great recipes for one-pot cooking and freezer meals and the things you can stock up on now so that your pantry and kitchen are prepared.


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