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Anxiety brought on by travel can sometimes put a hold on your life, and make your bucket list even harder to work through. Whilst you can have therapy to work through issues, or talk to a professional about your options, you may feel ready to tackle some of the anxiety slowly by yourself. You can start to work up to big journeys slowly by taking smaller trips on public transport just to your local shops, and trial different methods that help to calm yourself down. When you feel ready to take on a bigger journey and start ticking off your dream destinations, there are a few tips and tricks that will significantly help you to stay calm throughout your travels.

Be As Organised As Possible

Having your bags packed well in advance, and having travel connections sorted with times written down can really help to keep your anxiety at bay. Leaving things until the last minute and running late can increase your stress levels and therefore your anxiety levels. Making sure you know exactly where you are going, what time you need to be there, the length of your journey, and where you need to go when you arrive at your destination will ensure you feel prepared.

Use Natural Calming Remedies

You may already have a list of things you can do to help soothe the build up of anxiety you feel whilst travelling – like listening to music, reading, or chewing gum – however, there are a few remedies easily available that can help aid your efforts to feel calmer. Sourcing some chamomile loose leaf tea from a coffee shop before boarding transport or embarking on your journey can help to relax you and reduce stress, and can even aid you in sleeping through the journey – if that helps your anxiety. There are also Rescue Remedy drops and pastilles that can help to calm and reassure you when you feel like your anxiety may be taking over.  

Dress Comfortably

There is nothing worse when you’re not feeling 100% than being uncomfortable. Making sure you have appropriate clothing for your destination easy to hand if you are travelling anywhere cold or hot, and a warm jumper if you are travelling on a plane or ferry, will help you to have a more comfortable travel experience. Take extra care when choosing footwear – as it is surprising how much you walk within an airport or navigating the underground, and try to steer clear of tight jeans or tights a these can dig into your stomach and hinder your body temperature regulation.

Travel With Trust

Finally, make sure you are travelling with someone you trust, who knows about your anxiety and has experience helping you if you are overcome with anxiety and go into a panic attack. Knowing you have someone with you who can calm you down, and turn any anxious situation into a calmer one will help you to relax.

Hopefully, this has given you a few useful tips and tricks to make the idea of travelling a lot less daunting, and help you to control your anxiety at a level that allows you to still enjoy your trip.


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