Chasing the career path you’ve always wanted and pursuing your dreams can lead you to jumping out of your comfort zone. Figuratively, this means you take on new mental challenges of perhaps learning new techniques, mingling with people outside of your speciality or normal group of friends. It can also lead to you moving to a faraway distant land where new experiences await you around every corner. Fitting in with an obscure culture is difficult enough, but the other aspects of making friends, learning the language, getting used to the currency and also finding love are far more relentless. It can get a little overwhelming at times, especially if you now live in a large city. It feels like you’re completely alone, and yet you’re surrounded by millions of people. The awkward battle of merging within a foreign society can be approached in many ways but some are more likely to yield immediate results than others.

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Noticing the clothing trends

Before going any further, it’s important to remember being yourself no matter what corner of the world you’re in, is by far the best way to remain content. But on the other hand, if you’re in a different country it’s wise to try and adhere to the culture. Fashion is just as diverse as human beings, and every culture one way or another has its own trends. When you’re walking around in public just make subtle observations of what people your age are wearing. See if you can spot a trend of a particular style or piece of clothing. For example, the hipster scene in Western countries is usually defined by beige, maroon and dull-colored jeans. But in Japan, the hipster culture switches the color and material, and either have the jeans in darker colors or made from a baggy fabric. This is small disparity, but the little things like this help you to find your crowd.

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Relationships aren’t impossible

When you’re not staying in a country for long, intimate relationships, don’t really cross your mind. The story changes when you realize your foreseeable future both professionally and personally belong in the new nation you have found. The reality is, language barriers, cultural differences and personal preferences play a part in finding a born and bred national partner. Dating sites have flourished as the world has gotten faster and more populated. A source like matchmakers international helps to find people of all backgrounds living abroad who are looking for love. The boundaries that may be in the way are taken into account, helping to create a streamlined romantic pursuit. You never know who might also be using the same websites and tools to find someone just like you. The success rate is usually quite high in finding someone alike and making arrangements to meet and so on can be done mutually.

The world is such a large place, but it can feel so small. Living abroad whether you’re chasing a dream job or focussing on furthering your career shouldn’t stop you from living a normal life. Fitting in has a lot to do with looking the part as it helps to melt you into the crowd naturally. Finding love may be the last thing you expect, but with modern provisions, it’s entirely possible.


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