Like half of the population you’ve decided it’s time to get fit. You’ll be the exception and you’ll stick to your New Year’s resolution. That’s great. More than great. Getting into shape again is good for your overall health and happiness. You’ve bought yourself a gym membership and you’re going to tackle the equipment it has to offer head on. After a couple of sessions you may start to lack enthusiasm and the pains are starting to creak in. So how do I make sure I’m not another gym victim chewed up and spat out. How can you make sure your beach body ready by summer time. Well here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

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Take a break before you’ve even started. That can’t be right can it. Well not exactly, you do need to get yourself into the gym for that first big sweat fuelled session. Once you’ve done that though it’s time to put the feet up. You can’t build muscle unless you’ve given your body time to recover. Having a plan of attack will keep you on the right path towards achieving your goal. Working on different muscle groups each session instead of an overall body workout will give your body time to heal. For example you could break it down to… Back and Biceps, chest and triceps and legs. That should keep it simple enough for now

Sure it’s not all about what you look like when your breaking a sweat but having the right top or leggings can sure give yourself the confidence boost you need to return another day. As the weeks go on your body will start to change. Treating yourself to some new cold thing that shows off your hard work will be sure to make you feel great and continue your journey. Companies like Monsta Clothing do gym wear specific for working out. A comfortable pair of trainers will go a long way.

It sounds torturous but it doesn’t have to be. Abs are made in the kitchen. There are plenty of workouts and ways of training that allow you to eat what you want. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods to have a great physique. Also remember the harder you work in the gym the more cheat days you can allow yourself. High carb and protein diets are a great way of gaining muscle weight and dropping fat. Don’t spend hours on the treadmill. Hit the weight bench and start pressing your way to glory.

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Mark your diary and stick to it. Set aside time you know you want to work out and don’t skip on it for anything else. Having a routine can make it so much easier to fit in your work outs. Aim for three times a week and build from there. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday giving yourself those vital rest days. That’s only three hours out of the one hundred and sixty eight that there are in a week.

Above all, have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself in the gym then you’ll be looking forward to your next session.


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