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Gym junkies around the world have been in this predicament. You don’t want to injure your body, but you are dying to destroy your personal best. The gym has a way of becoming an addiction for many men and women which is why performance is essential. But, getting the balance between pushing the muscles to the limit and overloading is never easy. It’s particularly difficult when you want to do it naturally.

Looking after your body isn’t a one-hour session in the gym three days a week. It’s a holistic process which happens every day from morning to night. If you can invest in this way of thinking, your gym performance will skyrocket in no time whatsoever.

These are the five considerations to keep in mind.

Rest The Muscles

It feels as if you are getting unfit when you sit and watch TV instead of pounding the treadmill. However, sometimes, the body needs to shut down for a night and take stock. Muscles are not robotic and they can’t produce amazing results on a consistent basis. To get the best out of them, the entire body needs a rest at least one to two days a week. Now, this may go against everything you believe in, especially if the thought of doing nothing drives you crazy. Still, it’s vital to help you bench a higher amount the next time you break out the weights. The same goes for cardio, too. Getting lots of sleep is non-negotiable, as is resting between work and workouts. Hitting the gym straight from the office can make you feel tired and lethargic.

Fill Up On Protein

When you are about to go to the gym, you shouldn’t go on an empty stomach. Food is the fuel the body needs to create energy, which the muscles then use to perform. Without any power, your entire body will run on empty and it will feel as if you are going to collapse from the first bell. Any meal won’t do, though, because protein is the key if you are focused on building mass. Even if you are a fan or cardio, a healthy dose of protein is still essential as it repairs tears and reduces soreness. The trick is to eat foods which digest quickly, such as white fish or boiled chicken. You can also get a fill with liquids as well as solids. Shakes that are packed with creatine are fantastic supplements before and after exercise.

Pop A Supplement

Before you say anything about being organic, just know that pills aren’t all bad. Yes, some supplements are dangerous and toy with the chemical balance of your body. And, some introduce nutrients which shouldn’t be there in the first place. However, you can top up the levels of the vital ingredients with the right enhancements. Omega-3 is a prime example. Found in fish and leafy greens, it helps regulate the body and reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Sadly, an average diet is low in this nutrient, which is why people take cod liver oil tablets. HICA is another amino acid to consider as HICA increases muscle protein synthesis and body mass. Because it’s naturally occurring, there is nothing wrong with popping a pill.

Drink Water

The last thing anyone wants during a workout is a glass of H2O. Usually, you are just trying to focus on not blacking out! But, a lack of water leads to dehydration which impacts the muscles. For one thing, dehydration prevents the major organs from being as effective as normal. Secondly, water is high in oxygen, and the body needs O2 to maintain a steady output. The key is not to take large gulps as fluids make you feel full. Instead, have a couple of small sips here and there when there is a break in the action. You can also incorporate a water break into your workout.

Rinse And Repeat

Finally, all you have to do is take the four tips above and replicate them. It’s okay to have good intentions but you need to be consistent. As soon as you start to overwork the muscles or not eat before a workout, your sessions will suffer. So, it’s integral that you develop a routine which implements these five guidelines. The best option is to think of a plan for each. For example, just take a day off from the gym to rest your body. To make sure you get your daily intake of vitamins, you can set an alarm. To drink water during a workout, just take a bottle and keep it in reach.

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