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India is a popular travel location for plenty of people that are looking to try new things. It’s far from a traditional holiday destination, which is why most people traveling here tend to be backpackers or students on a gap year. Regardless, one of the things that makes India special is the sheer diversity of attractions in this massive country. There are many things to do, some of which are exceptionally weird and wonderful. Here’s a short list of the most intriguing things to add to your travel itinerary.

Get Spooked Out At Skeleton Lake

I know what you’re thinking, skeletons? No thanks! Granted, this isn’t something for everyone, but it’s certainly one of the weirdest things you can do in India. There’s an old lake that spends most of the year frozen and is famous for housing loads of ancient skeletons. Many years of research found that all these skeletons died the same way; via an aggressive hailstorm. It sounds too crazy to be true, but the experts say it’s so! This is a very unique sight to behold, and certainly worth visiting if you want to see something you’re not likely to see anywhere outside of a museum.

Bengal Tiger
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Go Big Cat Spotting

One of the most intriguing things about India is the wildlife throughout the country. It’s home to so many different species that you don’t find anywhere else on earth. Typically, you tend to stay far away from any big cats, but India presents a different opportunity. Here, you can look for the five main big cats in India; the Bengal tiger, snow leopard, clouded leopard, Indian leopard, and Asiatic lion. During your stay, you should make it your mission to see all five. Don’t worry, there are plenty of National Parks where you can see them safely!

Undergo Panchakarma Therapy

If you haven’t heard of panchakarma therapy, then you’re not alone. In fact, I’d be stunned if anyone reading this has even the faintest of ideas as to what it is. Essentially, this is an ancient Indian therapy that’s used to provide the ultimate detoxification experience. The locals will tell you there are many benefits of panchakarma for both your body and mind. It’s a fascinating experience, to say the least. If you feel like you need a quick health boost, then maybe this is something to add to your list. At the very least you’ll be relaxed and get to de-stress for an hour or so.

See The Ancient Stepwells

Near Jaipur in India, you will find what’s known as the Ancient Stepwells. This is a location that’s incredible to look at, and filled with lots of history. The stepwells were constructed to help collect rainwater for the locals in the area. They’re a truly unique sight to see as the architecture is mind-boggling. There are lots of other ancient stepwells throughout the country, but this site in Jaipur is perhaps the grandest and most beautiful of them all.

So, if India is on your bucket list this year, then here are some of the strangest and most different things you can do. Some may be weird, but they’re certainly all wonderful.


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