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You may be the ultimate fashionista, keeping your eyes very much glued to the latest trends on the catwalk and styles on the high street. You adore the world of fashion and make it your mission to stay ahead of the crowd. However, when you head to the gym or partake in an exercise class, it can be hard to maintain your fashion credentials. Sweatpants and a t-shirt don’t exude high-end sophistication. How can you keep your finger on the fashion pulse when your busy sweating it out during a mammoth cardio workout or you’re busy pounding the pads during a boxercise class?

Muted Tones

At the gym, your physique is being looked at more times than when you’re simply walking along the street. While someone may be admiring your cute little chiffon dress in town, they’ll be focusing on your hip to waist ratio at the gym. You need to choose clothing that accentuates the positive aspects of your build.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to be a bit kooky and opt for the neon yellow, orange, pink or green sports clothes ranges that are on the market. You’re not going to the gym in the dark, you don’t need to glow or bring attention to yourself. Opt for muted tones. Black and white with a hint of colour tends to be the standard yet most flattering colour scheme for gym wear.

Go Specialist

While you could whip on a well-fitted t-shirt and a pair of regular sweatpants, it might be worthwhile to check out companies like Beyond Yoga, that supply specialist apparel for particular sports. If you are a wannabe yogi, pick up a pair of specialist yoga pants. If you enjoy nothing more than a cycle on a Saturday morning, opt for some specialist lycra attire. There’s plenty of specialist options that can help you remain more comfortable at the gym while still looking fashionable.


You need to strike the right balance between form and function when it comes to your footwear. You could find the cutest pair of sneakers, yet if they have no cushioning or support, you could find yourself slipping over, gaining a bunion or even spraining an ankle. At the very least, if you’re addicted to the treadmill, go for a running shoe and if you love a bit of everything, grab a cross trainer. There are a wealth of cool designs now appearing on sports trainers. Athletes are creating their own ranges for companies such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. All you need to do is choose the pair that goes with the rest of your gym outfit.

When you head to the gym, you need to maintain your focus on the exercise regime, weights plan or cardio session that you’re about to undertake. Being distracted by your fashion credentials will mean you won’t get a decent workout and you may as well have stayed at home. The most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin, so choose the clothing you love, that makes you look good and allows you to get the best workout you can.


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