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In your daily life, there might be several areas where you don’t fully understand your rights and the kinds of claims that you can make. These claims might result in monetary payment or through other means, but you should understand how to claim and what your rights are.

Faulty Products

Faulty products covers more than buying something in a shop, taking it home and finding out it doesn’t work. Obviously, these kinds of products you can return to the shop immediately with the receipt and get either a full refund or replacement product. It also relates to products that you bought online and have delivered to you. You should check the returns page of the retailer as some will have you paying for returns postage regardless of the reason you are returning the item. Either way though, you are still entitled to return a damaged item and get a refund. Digital only products are a little different though. The law doesn’t state that they ‘have to’ give a full refund if something does work, but in many cases, a company will. However, in the few that don’t, you should claim for other things instead such as partial refund, vouchers for later use or for them to work with you to fix your issue. Faulty products are also about more than just the items not working. It might be that the description was incorrect and the item isn’t fit for purpose, or perhaps it broke quickly after use. If it is within the retailer or manufacturers guarantee or purchase period then you should be able to claim for some sort of recompense.

Accident At Work

If you have an accident at work, then there is a good chance that you can claim for a payment if the company or person was at fault. It is a bit more complicated than that, so a law firm such as DeSalvo Law will be able to explain it in more detail. However, things like this generally come down to proof and you need to make sure to have a clear record of what happened, when and why. This includes what was happening around you and any other circumstances for that day. It can be helpful to get other people to help fill any blanks that you are not aware of since having an accident at work probably isn’t the best for your memory recall. However, if you think you have had an injury or accident at work and haven’t made some kind of claim, then you should seriously consider doing so.


A lot of people don’t claim on insurance for fear of their premiums going up for the next year. This is true for some types of insurance, but you need to weight up whether it is worth doing so against the amount of money the insurance company could give you. It is worth remembering that the insurance company doesn’t want to pay out. They are happy holding onto all their money and not ever paying out. This means that whatever the reason, type of insurance company or scenario that has led you to this place, keeping clear records of what has happened, when and why is so important. You will also want to ensure that you have adhered perfectly to your agreement at all times otherwise your insurance claim may not go through.


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