Monument Valley, Arizona
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Whether you’re looking for a tranquil holiday in the sun or a rugged adventure, the state of Arizona has it all. Here are just a few reasons to make this your next travel destination.

You can see the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon attracts tourists from around the globe. Stretching across the state, there are many ways to explore this mighty gorge. You can go rafting through the Canyon or explore it by air via helicopter. Those without fear can even walk across the glass walkway recently built over the canyon. Sites like Canyon Tours offer some great deals on various tours that you can take to the gorge. There are even hotels along the Canyon for those that want to wake up to this magnificent sight.

Devil's Bridge, Sedona, Arizona
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You can hike through Sedona

There a range of trails across the state for hikers. The stunning beauty of Sedona cannot be missed – it’s here you’ll find sights such as Cathedral Rock and have the chance to walk over the breathtaking Devil’s Bridge. There are lots of places to stop along these trails and there’s a strong hiking community. If you take a hike in the evening you can get to see the sunset, in which all the landscape takes on a golden appearance.

You can visit a ghost town

One of the state’s quirkier attractions is the ghost town in Jerome. Once a mining settlement, it’s long since become deserted and been turned into a new attraction. There are old cars and relics here and an olde-worlde fudge shop, which is great for visiting with kids. Tuzigoot National Monument is also nearby – an artefact of the Sinaguan Indians.

You can relax in the sun

If you don’t fancy an active holiday, you can still enjoy this state. Arizona has a number of luxury hotels with pools and spa facilities for relaxing. It’s also becoming a popular place for holiday rentals – as the likes of AZ Agenda states there are many luxury villas in the area up for grabs. A trip to Arizona can also be combined with a stay in Las Vegas, which is just across the border in Nevada.

Whiskey Row
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You can go drinking down Whiskey Row

If you fancy a bar crawl, there’s no better place to head than Whiskey Row in Prescott. This historic street sports a number of original saloons and bars. There are also shops and art galleries to check out along the street. For a true taste of the Wild West, this is the place to go and hang out.


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