As we venture slowly into a new year, it’s the perfect time to sit back, take stock and reflect on those aspects of our life that we want to improve. Inevitably, there will be a facet of your health and wellbeing that you want to improve. You may want to cut out the refined sugars from your diet, shift a few pounds or merely tone up your physique. Toning up is renowned for being one of the trickiest aspects of fitness. The notion of ‘skinny fat’ has emerged in the past few years. Although you may see the ideal number on the scales as you stand on them, your body fat percentage can still be in an unhealthy range. The best way to combat this is to head to the gym, do the specific exercises needed to burn fat and pay attention to your diet.

If you’ve ever had a smoothie like the ones listed at, you’ll know the health benefits that they possess. By selecting the most appropriate ingredients, you can ensure that your next smoothies are pulverised purely to help you in your quest for a toned physique.

Green Smoothie
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Anything green has to be healthy, right? Spinach is the king of all leafy green vegetables but might not be your number one choice to put into a smoothie. However, paired with mint, kale and kiwi, spinach can make a tasty and enjoyable ingredient for a green superfood smoothie. Spinach contains a wealth of protein as well as iron. It’s the iron that promotes the production of collagen within your body that aids in the maintenance of your muscles and prevents your skin from looking saggy. Spinach is a great ingredient to help you tone up your physique and maintain a more youthful appearance.

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When you look at the bodybuilders down at your gym and wonder how they got their incredible physiques, you don’t have to head to and check out signs that they’ve not been down an entirely legal route to achieve their mammoth biceps; the chances are that they’ve just been eating plenty of beetroots. The lycopene contained within these deep purple and earthy morsels stimulates the production of collagen which can aid muscle definition. If the soil-like flavor doesn’t do it for you, mix them with raspberries, blueberries and some tabasco to mask the earthiness.

Fruit Smoothies
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Cider Vinegar

You don’t want much of this stuff in a smoothie, but a teaspoon added to a delicious apple-based drink will ensure that you don’t suffer from water retention. As a diuretic, cider vinegar will ensure that your newly emerging muscle tone can be seen. Don’t use too much as the taste can be overpowering and have too much of an effect at making you want to pee.

Smoothies are healthy, full of antioxidants and will help keep you feeling fuller for longer, negating your need to snack. Couple with a few ingredients with the best collagen-boosting properties, and you will have a defined set of abs in no time.


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