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The rave scene has always been booming, even if people didn’t know about it. Right from around the 1970’s until now, it has always been a massive part of people’s lives. But how have raves changed over the years? Well, it has changed massively. From the people attending, to how they’re run, and how they go wrong. They’re loved by so many all over the world, and has the power to bring a huge crowd together just through music. This article is going to explore how the rave scene has changed for the better of the years.

The Venues

This is a really big thing that has changed over the years. Back when the raving movement first began, the raves were mostly all illegal, and all underground. Underground raves were what defines how they are today. Huge crowds would gather at these secretive locations where the music and drinks and drugs would be flowing until it was either shut down, or the sun came up. That was the excellent thing about raves back in the day. They were not monitored and really anything went. There was no security, so people could relax a lot more and just enjoy the music.

The Music

Due to technology, this is something that has changed rather a lot over the years. New sounds have been created which have really changed the rave scene, a lot would say for the better. When raves first originated, the most popular sound was EDM. It was the fuel people needed to keep going all night with it’s fast paced beats. EDM is still massively popular today, but genres such as house and bassline are now starting to take over in popularity. EDM was what made raves, and more EDM facts can be found here if you’re interested. But the new music that is coming through now is what is going to define the rave scene for years to come. There’s so many more DJ’s out there as well that are world famous. When raves first started DJ’s weren’t really a thing unless you were part of the rave scene. Nowadays DJ’s are known everywhere.

The Drugs

As taboo as this part may be, it is one of the reasons why raves are so huge today. As much as some people might not like to admit it, at festivals and raves drugs are everywhere. Sadly, they have become a lot more dangerous, and so many people each year die due to taking illegal substances at festivals and raves. This is due to drug dealers mixing what they put into the drug in order to try and make more money. When raves first started there was none of this happening. The drugs were pure, and not that many lives were lost. But, festivals and raves are bringing in new things to try and prevent any more deaths. A lot of festivals have tents where you can go and have your drugs tested to make sure there isn’t anything harmful in them.


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