There’s one kind of fever that most shopaholics are looking after and it’s called the shopping fever: It’s about picking your favorite shopping mall and not leaving it until you’ve got at least more shopping bags that you can carry. Admittedly, a little shopping trip has never harm anybody. But it can become extremely damaging if it turns into a regular hobby. Why so, you ask. The answer is simple: Shopping malls are a lot of dangerous than you might think so. Not only for your budget, but also for your health – and we’re not even mentioning the high-packed stress journey when you’re trying to find a spot to park your car. So what are the risks you need to be aware of, and more importantly, what can you do to protect yourself next time the shopping fever hits you?

Cup of Coffee with Whipped Cream
Skip the coffee and cream break

Can you control your expenses?

The biggie about developing a shopping hobby is that you will need to introduce a ban challenge if you want to get your expenses under control. There’s nothing worse than a credit card in the hand of an enthusiastic shopper: You will discover the depth of debts in the real world, and more often than not, it takes no more than an afternoon to buy more than you can afford. Keeping your clothes shopping limited, as well as your meals outside, can make a significant difference at the end of the month. Consider it as a form of training: The more you save now, the more you can afford later. For instance, if you’re planning on changing cars, or booking your next big holiday trip, keeping it light on the shopping expenses can be a good idea!

Watch out for that automatic door!

Do you know that more and more people get injured during a shopping trip? A defect automatic door can slam back when you least expect it and cause severe injuries – if you didn’t know that’s an automatic door that broke Harrison Ford’s ankle on the set of his latest Star Wars’ movie. But if you’re worried about facing additional medical costs on top of your shopping expenses, you’ can rely on the support of a personal injury lawyer; check it out! Another danger in shopping malls is the polished walking surface, which can be slippery and lead to painful falls. In short, if you go shopping, be careful!  

I’ll just have a frappuccino with cream and cinnamon… oh yes and a slice of cake

Finally, it can be difficult to resist a cup of your favorite coffee, alongside a slice of sweet red velvet cake when you’re on the go. However, before you go and order that Venti peppermint white hot chocolate, you need to know that you’re drinking over 700 calories, and almost 28 grams of fat and 76 grams of sugar. In other words, yes, your sweet indulgence is making you fat. It can seem funny as you might be thinking that you’re doing something good by taking a break from the shopping fever. But in reality, you’re damaging your body.

Isn’t shopping a terrible thing? Before you disagree, it’s time to realize that shopping can make you poor, can harm you, and can make you fat. Better think twice before driving down to the shopping mall next time!


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