The Better You Look, the More You See
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We may like to tell ourselves that we don’t care about other people’s opinions, but is that as true as so many of us make out? Having a little bit of a vanity streak is not a bad thing, in fact, if there were no vanity everyone would, likely, wander around dressed in garbage bags with buckets for hats.

In a world where everyone’s style is scrutinised daily on social media, you want to look as good as you can, even if the only person you are trying to impress is yourself. So there is no shame in putting on your favourite hat or jacket or skirt or t-shirt for when you go out and about. Confidence is key to smashing any outfit choice, so knowing what you think looks sharp can give you a daily boost whenever leaving the house.

It truly is all about confidence. You want to turn heads as you strut down the pavement, and people will react not to how you look, but the way you carry yourself on days out. Too many times have people been pouring over the perfect outfit for the day, only to end up feeling like it is not quite right.

But, that shouldn’t need to happen. Overly criticising yourself is bound to hurt any confidence you might have that day. While you may not think everything is on point, it will be such a minor aspect of the overall look, from hair to makeup to style to smile, that the rest of the world will not notice.

That being said, people are easy to read. If you walk around looking like you’re not happy with something the world will know. It is essential to remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Having this kind of confidence will radiate from you, and by the end of the day, you will forget whatever problems you have with how you look. In fact, you might even find it to be a sweet little quirk.

As for accessories, we all have our favourite earrings, necklaces and pins. But instead of haphazardly adding them to any outfit, understanding where and when to accessorise will save a lot of internal dread thinking is not right.

Furthermore, on the more necessary side of any outfit confidence, glasses. Glasses are no longer at the mercy of childish playground insults, knowing what frames suit you can completely change the way you look.

However, if you’re of the opinion that glasses just do not suit you, that’s cool. You can, of course, invest in contact lenses, but these can be awkward to apply and remove. In cases like this, consider researching ophthalmologists nearby which can assist in fixing your vision and giving you a clear mind, as well as clear sight.

You won’t be happy with the way you look every day. But, approaching it as a challenge instead of a hindrance will make the whole experience that much better. If you go around all day convincing yourself that you look astounding, then that attitude will start to show and people will look upon with awe and amazement. Stop worrying about the little things; you’ve got this.


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