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Most people try and be money-conscious these days. We all look for financial advice wherever we can take it. The problem I find is that a lot of this advice is the same. So, everyone ends up doing the same things over and over again. Bearing that in mind, I’ve taken a different route and provided the best financial advice you’re not already following:

Invest In Crypto

Crypto is short for cryptocurrency, which is taking the world by storm as of right now. There are loads of variations of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the most valuable and well know. A year ago, this crypto was worth a few hundred dollars. Now, it’s already risen to $10,000. It’s not the only one out there either, lots of other cryptocurrencies are appreciating in value quite rapidly. It’s become a very smart financial decision to invest some of your savings in a crypto of sorts. I won’t tell you which ones are the best, there are loads of better and more informative articles out there from experts. All I’ll say is that people used to put their money in savings accounts, but now there’s a big shift to this cryptocurrency. Everyone believes it’s the future, and the smart financial decision is to get your hands on some while you can.

Keep A Record Of All Your Payments

When most of us make moves to sure up our finances, we tend to focus on our outgoings. We keep track of all the money we spend, but what about the money that comes in? You need to collect all the pay stubs you’ve received from work and keep them nice and organized. This allows you to keep track of exactly how much you’re being paid every month. Who knows, you might notice issues where you’re not being paid enough. But, this is especially important for any freelance workers that have to pay their own tax. By collecting all your payment information and keeping it safe, you can easily work out how much you need to pay. Plus, many utility services want to see your pay stub before they switch on your service, to make sure you actually have a job and can afford the service!

Stay Away From ‘Bulk’ Deals

The majority of people try and save money by looking for deals when they go shopping. More often than not, shops offer bulk deals. These are deals where you can buy a lot of one thing, for a discounted price. It seems like a good idea, but the reality is that most people get lured in by the bulk deal, only to not make the most out of it. They might buy ten of one thing because it’s a good deal but will never use all ten items. Be cautious whenever you see deals, don’t be suckered into one just because you see the massive sale sign telling you what a great deal this is.


If you’re already doing any of these things, then I’m very surprised! Most people aren’t, but you can keep your finances exceedingly healthy if you start following this advice.

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  1. Ive has to start really keeping a record of my payments coming up to Christmas to make sure that my money isn’t being wasted! Loads of really good advice in this post – thank you for sharing x

    • Hi Megan,
      Not a problem – thanks for reading! Money tracking is such a helpful tip. It seems very tedious if it’s not automated but once you see an actual representation of where your money is going, it sort of hits you as a wake up call.

  2. Thank you so much for the great advice! I’ve always felt the same away about buying in bulk. I use to do it and then would never use most of it, so I stopped. But I love the idea of tracking what you’re being paid as well as what you’re spending. I’m going to make it a new practice of mine this new year.

    • I’m happy you found the tips useful! Bulk can be so tricky sometimes – it’s a hit or miss with food for us as well. The idea of bulk food sounds nice but then there were days when we didn’t feel like eating or cooking with the purchased food that they end up going to waste. I definitely buy bulk household items though! I hope you get the hang of tracking incoming money as well! My tracking is automated through apps and I’m guilty myself of not tracking cash income from friends or family paying me back.

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