As you get older in life, you tend to start taking vacations with your partner and family, and the days of traveling as a big group seem a long time ago. However, I think this is something of a shame, as there are some incredible benefits of traveling in a large group, whether it’s with your wider family or a bunch of old friends. In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at what those benefits are, and how rewarding they can be – let’s take a look!

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Save money

First and foremost, pretty much every cruise line, hotel, airline and vacation company offer enormous discounts for group travelers. You’ll also find that you can stay in large, beautiful homes – on Airbnb, for example – all around the world at a much lower price than you would pay for a similar experience in a hotel. When you take away all the shared costs of travel, accommodation, food and tour tickets, you can save somewhere in the region of 30-40 percent from the amount you would spend traveling as a couple or with your immediate family.

Travel in style

Traveling in a large group also means you can travel in a lot more style than you can if you are paying for yourself. Perhaps you could book a fantastic vehicle from a Car, Limo & Party Bus Service, or maybe hire a big boat or yacht to take out to see. You could even charter a private jet, which is a lot cheaper than you might think. If you have enough people on board, taking a private jet allows you to travel in complete and utter luxury at a price that can often be less expensive than everyone buying separate, standard tickets from a  mainstream airline.

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The social aspect

As we get older, we tend to see our good, old friends a lot less. People have more commitments at work, start having kids, and time is at a premium – even hooking up for an occasional night out doesn’t leave you much time to bond with each other again. So, a vacation away for a week – or even a long weekend – allows you to reconnect, make new adventures, and have a lot of fun and adventure, as well as giving you the time to meet and get to know your friends’ partners and families a lot better.

Simple and safe

The more people that travel with you, the easier it is to share responsibilities. If some of your group brings their children, some can babysit while the others get a well-deserved night off. It’s safer to travel in big groups, too, and there is less likelihood of being a victim of pickpockets or thieves. Plus, of course, when little ones are running around having fun, a lot more eyes are watching out for them.

So, do you still go on large group vacations or are they a thing of your past? While everyone wants a quiet trip with their nearest and dearest every once in a while, surely there is still a place for a break away with friends, too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




  1. I totally agree that traveling with a group saves a lot of money! I also love how it reconnects us and makes us experience new memories and adventures with loved ones. <3 Really nice post!
    You have a really nice blog! It'd be wonderful if we could follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know!
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Hey Joanne, thanks for stopping by! That’s definitely one of my favourite thing about travelling in groups as well. It’s nice to be able to share some memories and experiences with loved one rather than by yourself sometimes! I’ve followed you on Bloglovin as well 🙂

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