1. Why do people clap after a movie (during opening week or so)?

2. Why do people ignore your messages when you replied to them just SECONDS after they sent their message?

3. Why am I still unemployed? πŸ™

4. Why do (rich) people walk sooooooo slow? Like, is their wallet dragging them down or something?

5. Why do people feel the need to stop in the middle of the street/staircases, during rush hour, to text? Seriously, just walk off to the side before I push you down the stairs.

6. Why do people swing their arm(s) widely when they walk? If I’m behind you, I don’t want to have my vajayjay smacked in public by a stranger.

7. If you’re carrying an umbrella, why do you hold it sideways? Did you know you always stabbed me with your gigantic umbrellas? If you don’t have a small umbrella, carry it like a walking stick!

8. Why do servers demand to get tips when you give me a shitty service? Don’t cry if I won’t give you MY hard earned money as money you clearly don’t work hard for.

9. Why do people have loud mufflers? Honestly, it’s 2pm, sometimes 10pm and I just want peace and quiet. Wait til I break your ugly car.

10. Why do people feel the need to constantly update their statuses/check in on Facebook when they hit the gym?

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  1. ALL GOOD QUESTIONS. Seriously. Especially #1…but I have found that the only people who do that are in the Northern Hemisphere. I have never, ever heard anyone clap for a movie while I have been in NZ. Haha. Here's my solution to #8: MOVE TO NZ. WE DO NOT TIP ANYONE. You will look like a weirdo if you try to tip people..and tax is already included in the price. Woo! I love this country <3

  2. Really?! Ugh, I hate it when people clap during movies, it's so unnecessary, like the producers and actors won't hear/see you clap anyways! Okay, I'll move to NZ if I can get a job ASAP! LOL, I wouldn't mind tipping people and having taxes included in our prices already!

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