I was born on the beautiful 20th of this month… ^_^

2. Cozy nights in.
Vancouver tends to rain a lot. Mixed in with the cold weather, it’s just calling for warm drinks and blanket snuggles.
3. Halloween TV/Movie specials.
I love holidays because TV stations decide to put on reruns of my favourite shows’ Halloween episode(s). And, can’t complain about the movies too – Halloween High! (LOL)
4. Pumpkin Spice Latte.
I know it’s more of an Autumn thing… but… let’s be honest, it was meant for October.
5. Halloween!
Well… duh!
Yeah, who remembers the years the Internet was dominated by glitter animations?!



  1. I love October so much! Fall is my favorite season by far. I can't wait to hear your birthday plans! Speaking of cozy nights in, that's exactly what I'm doing tonight – just catching up on some TV and FINALLY watching The Great Gatsby.

    • How's The Great Gatsby? I've heard great reviews about the movie but never gotten around to it because of the whole musical genre sort of throws me off.

  2. Well October is spring here but I do love the transition to autumn! I would love it if Halloween were big here as well.

    • Come to think of it, I've never heard of any Halloween experiences in Australia, how is it over there? I'm getting jealous that you guys can probably get to wear great costumes without getting cold!

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